I’m Calling a Cease and Desist on Overdrawn Lips

The ultimate question on everyone’s LIPS. Has Kylie Jenner had plastic surgery or not? At 17, I can’t imagine that Bruce and Kris Jenner would be all too happy to hear that their daughter was thinking of getting plastic surgery. On her face.
The flawless teen far from needs anything to change her face, she is young and beautiful and the envy of women all over the world. Everything about Kylie Jenner screams perfection, her hair, her physique, her nails. And she gets to drive round in a Bentley, while the rest of us can barely afford to live.

Say Hello to Gorgeous

Love her or hate her, it’s hard to deny that Kylie Jenner made a big splash in the beauty world this year. Amid plastic surgery rumors and even accusations that the teen photoshopped her instagram, Kylie rocked the lipliner industry’s world, when she claimed her suddenly Angelina Jolie lips were the work of makeup. Google Kylie Jenner lips and you will be flooded with blogger tutorials on how to achieve a fuller pout. I think I should stop right here to clarify that I am all for self-expression and doing your makeup how you want. What I dislike is the media constantly telling us that bigger is better (except when it comes to our waistlines). No matter how many celebrities get fillers or how many tutorials concentrate on fuller lips, I think it’s time we question this assumption. Take a look at Kylie herself and you be the judge. (PS- searching…

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